Yellow Pages & Free Press – Why They Don’t Work for SEO – Part 1

So…you’ve ran a business in Winnipeg for over 10 years.  That means you’ve experienced the entry of the internet and are realizing it’s affects on your sales and marketing.  Like most Winnipeggers, you struggle with change.

Not a slight – just a reality.  Along comes the reps for Yellow Pages and/or Free Press, that organization you’ve always trusted with your marketing dollars…except suddenly they’ve changed their tune.  They are now internet marketers.  But what about print?

Your Spidey senses start to tingle – “Why are these guys selling me internet marketing?  How is this related?”

Good question.  The answer is your money.  That is the only relative part of this equation.  You’ve always given it to them for marketing and that’s what they’re banking on.

So let’s dive deeper into why you should follow your senses.

Part 1:  Exclusivity

Internet marketing – and specifically SEO – is based on making your company’s website top in your market on the search engines for whatever service or product your provide.  Let’s use the car industry as our example – a golden nugget for both Yellow Pages & Free Press.

Traditionally (and sadly still in some cases) dealers  scramble to buy the largest & loudest ads to try and scream their promotion ahead of all the other dealers that are advertising in the same directory or newspaper because – traditionally – that’s where consumers looked.  Dealers didn’t have a website to sell their vehicles, so they relied on these mediums to tell their story.  And with drool brimming – these orgs ate up the marketing dollars.

But now dealers have a website to push their promotions and they have the net to be found by consumers.  Any dealer can build a site, and there is next to no cost aside from hosting to have a presence on the web.  The big advantage here is that once a consumer is on your site, they are not being enticed by other dealers’ promotions.  You have an isolated opportunity to sell.  Exclusive ears & eyes.  But this is only part of the exclusivity I am referring to.

Now to awaken your senses – how can the Yellow Pages or Free Press offer you any level of exclusivity marketing online?  The answer is they can’t or they wouldn’t exist anymore.  Their whole business model is based on pitting you and your competitors against each other in a closed environment that they control, in turn, milking dollars out of you by talking about how big Jim’s ad is going to be and that you better go big too or you won’t be seen.

Its time to listen to your senses.  Neither the Free Press nor the Yellow Pages can provide you exclusive service to make you a leader online.  They will work with your competitors, they will promise you all that they will make your websites leaders on Google, but you know better.  How can they make 5 car dealerships #1?  They can’t and they never will because they are in the business of MASS MARKETING.

In Part 2 we explore the fact that they directly compete against you with their own products in your industry.