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Welcome to Fresh Traffic

Our job is to provide Return on your internet Marketing Investment (ROMI) through increased exposure, which equates to increased traffic & sales. We are highly self-motivated & committed individuals who are passionate about our work. Our team thrives from the challenging & changing environment that is the internet. Fresh Traffic is led by President Jerry Booth – ex Google Director UK – a true SEO expert with a network of other proven SEO experts who frequently work together to unlock the latest algorithm changes that effect website positions. Jerry is a straight-shooter, removing the grey areas that slow decisions, ensuring everyone understands the best path to success and how to get there. His experience and the experience of his team become your team. It’s like hiring one new marketing employee and getting a team of experts ready to do what it takes to win

Unique Approach…

Our company culture is mirrored in our attitude of “we do what we say we’ll do.” We always take your calls. We always call you back immediately if we missed you. Your website is on 24/7 so we are too. We don’t nickel & dime you for small changes to your website – we make the changes because they need to be made to win. We don’t inflate expectations to feed on greed. If it’s the first time we’ve competed in your market, we don’t pretend to know, we learn together and we win together. We use real analytics to set projections and manage expectations. We believe in Karma – that by doing what’s in the best interest of the person will lead to the best result. This is why we build relationships not contracts. We understand that we are the hired professionals, so we take on this role to ensure you are successful for as long as we work together, managing all stages of our growth together, where all parties are clear on what their role is to achieve our aims. This mutual respect is evident in the long-term relationships we have, where many clients from our first day are still our clients today.