Basic Search Management tools available now – Canada

Newest Canadian start-ups have enough to worry about without having to deal with the complexities of establishing an online marketing strategy. This past week they got some help. Google Inc. offered them some help, I’m not going to say I told you so Yellow Pages but, is this the start?

The newest service to Canadian business owners, having been available in the United States since April 2009, the search giant unveiled a Canada-focused version of Google for Advertisers.

The new site, much like its American equivalent, only uses data tailored for advertising in the Canadian market. It is designed to make the various Google advertising features more easily accessible and understandable.

“It covers all of the product offerings that we have in Canada and how they all work together to create a full marketing opportunity,” said Andrew Swartz, spokesperson for Google Canada.

“For small and medium-sized businesses who may not know how to get started using Ad Words or our other products, this is a resource for them to see what they’re able to do using Google to help develop their online marketing strategy.

Some of the more useful features of the new site include insightful statistics to see what Canadian consumers are searching for, what sites they’re visiting and the specific search terms they use to find specific businesses.

Google Analytics and the Google Website Optimizer allows businesses to track their return on investment by analyzing the relative success of certain marketing initiatives and website designs.

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(If you thought YP had a partnership with Google in Canada to sell Adwords, Wrong! They have a strategic agreement like the rest of us, Oh no how are the sales staff going to sell online now?)

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