Being found on the web is the new battleground.

“Being found on the web is the new battleground. The web is growing at a dizzying fast pace. Just having a website and hoping it will be found is no longer good enough.

You need to make sure that it is placed high on the organic search engine results page otherwise the only ones who will visit it will be you,your friends and family,”

The battle for online dominance, for a website, is often defined on the organic search engine results pages. If your site cannot be readily found when those who might benefit from its services look for specific search terms which are relevant to their query, then it will neither make money nor will it last long online.

Expect to pay an SEO Expert $1500 – $10,000 each month to list you there on a national level, YOU CANNOT LEARN THIS FROM BOOKS.

I have been in the industry from day dot and know of only a handful of people who are real expects, not necessarily the ones you read about doing speeches at shows or running some seo forum or course for a few days, that’s how they make their money by selling you down the river with a dream.

It’s Simple, if an seo company or so called seo expert comes to you in your town, lets say Winnipeg for example, to sell you seo services to make you top of the search engines, Google etc, does it not make commonsense that their company would list top themselves on organic search (not sponsored) for what they do?

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Winnipeg SEO Experts

Dont be fooled by the cheap suits, fast talk and nice brochure, the internet is easy to do due dilligence on, if the company’s top you have a chance.

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