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Bookseller pulling out of the Winnipeg airport

Plans that McNally Robinson had to open up in the new air terminal building at the James Richardson International Airport in Winnipeg are now off.

The Winnipeg bookseller entered bankruptcy protection earlier this week and announced the closing of two of its four stores.

The company cited the economic downturn and digital competition for closing their stores at Polo Park in Winnipeg and in Toronto.

I hope this might be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back in Manitoba regarding the new era of digital media and Internet Marketing as the so called business leaders in the province seem very reluctant to embrace it.

New Flyer. Global and now McNally Robinson have all succumb recently, enough talking Winnipeg, enough setting up committees to overlook other committees, enough provincial grants to pay salaries with no results, it’s time to move forward, it’s time to act.

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Winnipeg Booksellers file for bankruptcy protection

Winnipeg Booksellers McNally Robinson has filed for bankruptcy protection, many believe the company succumbed to a combination of the sudden surge in e-book sales and an ill-fated foray into southern Ontario.

Online retailer Amazon has reported it sold more e-books than printed books during the pre-Christmas sales rush.

McNally Robinson’s intentions to develop its online e-commerce sales store may be a good approach, especially if optimized correctly and if it can establish a niche selling local Canadian authors to a global marketplace.

Some say e-books will have the same effect music downloading had on music retailers and movie downloads and video on demand on the video rental stores. But in addition to the potential devastation e-books might have on the book-selling business, the retail industry in general has become much more competitive.

Reports show at least $3.2 million owing to more than 300 unsecured creditors.