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Ad agencies are scrambling to evolve

Major companies from Nestle to Ford are increasing the proportion of their ad spend on the Internet to the detriment of traditional press ads and big ad agencies are scrambling to evolve.

The changes have given birth to a slew of tech start-ups trying to come up with more sophisticated ways to match ads to consumers, often with sophisticated data mining techniques and algorithms.

While traditional advertising groups jostled for awards at a recent annual industry gathering in Cannes, the year’s biggest star was a newcomer to the beaches: the social network Facebook.

The company has gone from nowhere a few years ago to become the biggest single seller of online display advertising in the United States with more than $2 billion in revenues this year, according to research firm eMarketer.

“If I have a good experience with a brand I’ll tell a person offline — I might tell my friend — but if I do it on Facebook the average person is telling 130 people,” said Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

The Web without Search?

The web is an amazingly powerful tool used everyday by billions of people around the world. Searching, blogging, creating all manner of art, researching and changing the world one bit at a time. At the center of the chaos are the search engines, working to try and bring some order to things. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask they all work in a similar manner to try and serve up the web for it’s users. But an always interesting thought, what would the web be like without the search engines trying to organizing things?

Users of the web like to complain that the results aren’t what they’re looking for or that it’s crowded with ads. Accessing the web without any kind of a search tool or a way of organizing it would be much like being dropped into the wilderness without any clue of direction or means of survival. Hunting for pages based on referral links and word of mouth would be the only real way to find your way around the trillions of pages of the web. We wouldn’t have the massive marketing tool with the search engines, there wouldn’t be ideas shared, knowledge exchanged or any of the fuzzy feel good that comes from global collaboration.

As much as the SERPs seem terrible, as often as it feels like someone somewhere is trying to move in on your privacy, without the search engines the web would be a complete shambles.

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Online classified ad money order scam

Winnipeg police are urging users of classified advertising websites to be wary of online scams, following reports from several suspicious people.

These are not new and this has been going on for years, mainly from Nigeria and other African countries, but beware a lot of these now have associates in all western countries.

A shore sign & hint will be when asked to transfer monies back to them via Western Union when they over pay you for items by the following methods.

travellers cheques

Money orders that’s too much for the purchase.

Business cheques

Anyone with information on such activity is asked to report it to PhoneBusters at

And police ask anyone who has been a victim of this kind of fraud to contact them at 986-6222.

Use your head, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Winnipeggers are renowned cheap bargain basement, hence the hit on Winnipeg, You get what you pay for, forearmed is forewarned.