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No, your Web designer does not understand SEO!

It’s a perfectly natural assumption, so if you think your Web developer (designer, master, or whatever other term he or she goes by) does or should understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’re in good company. You’re wrong, but in good company.

It’s a simple fact, but critical to understand: The people building your Web site almost certainly do not understand how to optimize your site so that it will rank well in the search engines.

Please, Web developers, don’t write and tell me that you do understand SEO. After all, there are a couple of possibilities:

1.You actually do know SEO; I’m not claiming there are no SEO-savvy Web developers … just that they are a very rare breed
2.You only think you know SEO
Unfortunately SEO has become such a hot topic that Web developers now all say that they can handle your SEO for you. Firstly, it’s another great revenue source. Perhaps more importantly, though, if they don’t claim they can help with your SEO, another firm down the street will.

It’s simply not true, though. How do I know this? Well, I’ve worked with many, many Web designers, and have rarely found any with more than a rudimentary understanding of SEO (an “enough to be dangerous” level of knowledge). Even the ones who know it “well,” don’t know it that well.

In addition, in my role as an ecommerce consultant, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of businesses, large and small. Many of these businesses come to me after it’s dawned on them that perhaps their Web sites are not ranking well in the search engines because their Web designers actually know next-to-nothing about optimization.

But I’ve even had Web developers admit to me that they don’t know much about it. (“Yes,” the owner of a large development firm once told me over lunch, “we sell SEO services, but I can’t say we really know much about it.”) Furthermore, I’ve worked with Web designers on projects, providing them advice on how to optimize mutual clients’ sites, only to notice later that one of the services promoted on the designer’s Web site is, you’ve guessed it, Search Engine Optimization. I occasionally have designers come to me for training, when they have already been selling the service for some time.

Also consider this. Why should a Web designer understand SEO? SEO is actually a complex subject that takes a long time to learn well. I’ve been doing it for years, and still learn new things every day. SEO is difficult because the laws are hidden; the search engines don’t really want you to know too much about the subject, and they’re constantly changing the rules, too. It’s like being an engineer without fully understanding the laws of physics … and in any case, the laws change every Wednesday. So SEO is difficult, and takes a long time to learn well.

Web development is also a complicated subject. I know how to create Web pages … but I would never claim that I’m an accomplished Web designer! Yet for some reason we’re expected to believe that every Web designer is also an SEO expert.

Now, this is of more than merely academic interest, because if you think that your designer will get youir site ranked well in the search engines, you’ll be disappointed. And if you actually pay for the designer’s SEO services you’ll also be just a little poorer.

TV and Online Advertising Combination Most Effective

A new report from CNN International has found that consumers respond best to multi-platform advertising which combine the best of traditional and online advertising.

Cross-platform advertising offers marketers the best of both worlds, combing the conventional clout of television with the effervescent buzz of digital media online. The most effective advertising campaigns according to CNN are those that can yoke the strength from both platforms to encourage people to buy into the brand.

CNN’s Cross-platform Advertising Study on Effectiveness and Engagement (CASE) involved a dual monitoring of market penetration through a comprehensive online survey and biometric assessments. Candidates were asked to wear a “smart vest” to monitor their heart rate, respiratory rate and body movement during a television screening.

The report showed a high cross over between the two media platforms. Adverts with a call to action have enjoyed success by promoting a teaser on television with a follow up advertisement online.

The results from the scientific investigation found that advertising breaks increased engagement in viewers by up to 10 per cent. Contrary to popular belief, consumers do not switch off during when their programmes are interrupted by advertisements. The study also introduced eye-tracking technology which found that viewers responded well to video content on websites, taking between 66 to 80 per cent of their attention.

According to CNN International’s senior vice president of research, Didier Mormesse, with a combined TV and online advertising approach: “an advertiser can markedly increase campaign recall, leading to positive shift in brand attitudes,” reported

Television adverts in isolation had a 20 per cent chance of being recalled by viewers, but with the addition of internet advertising or mobile marketing, this figure rose to 33 per cent.

Fresh Approach from Canada's Coolest Company

Its official according to Google, Canada’s Coolest Company is Fresh Traffic in Winnipeg, the search marketing and web optimization firm who’s CEO came to Winnipeg in August 2007 to search the potential of setting up office.

Now settled in the Canwest Building on Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Fresh have started to be an integral part of business life in the Manitoba province.

Other accolades this year included being voted top SEO company by search magazine twice and the staff at Fresh Traffic recently came out on top as Guitar Hero wizards at tenant appreciation day played on the 470 sg ft courtyard TV screen.

Perfect Domain for your Business

How Can a Domain Help Attract Free Traffic?

If you want to be found on the search engines by local people searching by city and industry trade, example here for Winnipeg, as we call it, then a Winnipeg Domain could help.

A couple of examples of would be or

Today’s competitive online marketplace makes it increasingly difficult to be found by people searching for information. Investing in a quality keyword name is an effective and long lasting marketing strategy.

Meaningful keyword names are easy to remember and can give you a great marketing edge. They help produce a regular flow of potential customers to your site. This makes your marketing efforts less expensive and more efficient.

Most “Web Traffic” experts will tell you a successful search engine strategy should include a web address that contains the keywords or phrase that people use to find your product or service. Your web address should be relevant to your website content and descriptive of your business or industry. Search engines get smarter every day and many prefer websites that display total relevance. There are many other things you’ll need to do to optimize your website, but every bit helps.

Make Your Web Address Sell for You

Dallas Cowboys try their hand at SEO

The Dallas Cowboys will be using search engine optimization (SEO) to increase organic traffic to their sites One of the most popular sports franchises in the world has jumped aboard the search engine optimization (SEO) bandwagon as the Dallas Cowboys plan to increase organic traffic to sell team merchandise.

To generate traffic and get the most targeted visitors to its sites, the Dallas Cowboys’ Pro Shop has partnered with a well known web development company to increase its search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

All companies should focus on more than just traffic, “If you are running marketing campaigns and don’t have solid data in regards to your true ROI, you could be wasting your budget,” “Many of our clients come to us looking for traffic. We respond with: It’s not all about traffic anymore. It’s about solid analytics, maximizing targeted visitors and building websites that convert.”

According to a report from Forbes in December, statistics from SportsScanInfo – a company that tracks jersey sales – show the 10 most popular jerseys in all of sports were from the NFL. Of that 10, three belonged to the Dallas Cowboys

Consumers Are Going Online

I spoke with Jerry Booth, President and CEO of Fresh Traffic Group about some things that can not only give those spots to advertisers, but earn eCommerce sites some extra money.

First we talked about how the current economic situation is driving more consumers online as opposed to in-store. Jerry cited an AdAge piece stating that Web sales were growing at five times the rate of brick and mortar stores, a trend that the economy will no doubt fuel further. “The Web represents an unprecedented choice for today’s consumer – a broader spectrum of product options, features and prices to compare than physical stores offer,” says Jerry. “The sheer time savings, and the saved transportation cost make the Web an increasingly preferred venue in which consumers are shopping.”

“From the retailer side, the economy is clearly causing brick and mortar chains to evaluate the profitability of every store, and close those that are under-performing,” he continues. “It’s hit everyone from Best Buy whose Web growth outpaced in-store sales to Starbucks. For the consumer, fewer stores is another driver to the Web.”

President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address

President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address

Tuesday was truly a historic day. I won’t be trite and opine about what I think it means for the millions of Americans who have suffered discrimination over the years — only they can understand how significant January 20th, 2009 was. But the truth is, it was significant, perhaps one of the most significant days in American history.

Ever since Google introduced PageRank

Ever since Google introduced their page ranks(PR), web site traffic rankings, took on a whole new dimension. Today, page ranks is a much talked about subject and a very important factor in your web site traffic ranking.

Although your traffic ranking is only relevant with the Google search engine, it is important to realize that many of the smaller search engines draw their ‘relevance’ from Google – meaning that a high web site traffic ranking with Google will most certainly benefit you on the other search engines. Search engine traffic is still the best source of traffic on the internet and the more of it you can get the better.

By improving your web site traffic ranking even on just one search engine, you can become more important with all the search engines.So what is a web site’ page rank anyway? The ranking system is nothing but a way for Google to assign a level of importance to your website.

When someone searches for something the ranking determines what’s most relevant and what’s the most important information on that specific search term. Think of the entire internet as one big library of information. The search engines act as indexing systems that helps you to find information in this big library.

Just like in a ‘normal’ library, certain books are more important and more relevant than others. Instead of you having to go to every website to find the most important and most relevant information, Google assigns a page rank that predetermines the importance and relevance of your website.

When someone searches for something specific online, the page rank of a website will largely determine which site is most important and what the specific web site traffic ranking is for that search.If two websites contain exactly the same information, the one with the highest page rank will be the one that gets shown in the search results.

One of the easiest ways for Google to determine whether your website is important is to see whether other websites value your website. In other words if other websites link to your site it means that your site has something that other sites think is important. Google likes this, and if other sites like you then it is very likely that Google will also like you.Getting links to your website is one of the best strategies for improving your web site traffic ranking.

But it’s not as simple as that. To make some more refined distinctions between important and unimportant websites, Google will also check the traffic ranking of the site linking to yours. Getting one link from a website with a page rank of 6 will mean more than ten links from websites with a page rank of 2. So, it’s not just about getting links, but it’s about getting quality links from high PR websites in the same niche as yours (must be relevant information).

Always try and keep the ‘human factor’ in mind – search engines provide a service and that service is to serve people with the best information for their needs.With web site traffic rankings it is important to distinguish between importance and relevance. Relevance is determined by standard SEO practices of your content, your keywords and the actual information on your website.

Importance is determined by your page rank. Doing the one without the other won’t be of any use if you want a high web site traffic ranking with the search engines.When the whole ranking system became important, several marketers got smart started building what is known as ‘link farms’ or ‘link exchanges’ where different web masters exchange links and by the sheer amount of links they were able to boost their web site traffic rankings significantly.

Google quickly caught on to this and now distinguishes between one-way and reciprocal links. A one way link is worth much more than a reciprocal link. These types of link exchanges are becoming less effective and you will be much better off spending your time and effort building quality links from high PR and authority sites in your niche – preferably one way links.One of the best strategies for building one way links from high PR websites is to write articles and submit them to article directories.

Your links within the article is a one way back link and many of the article directories have very high web site traffic rankings. This can be very time consuming but well worth the effort. Many authority sites with very high PR’s offer the opportunity for you to exchange links with them or to post comments or list your website in their directory. These are worth gold and getting one way back links from these sites will help you greatly in working your way to the top of Google’s ranking.