Internet marketing world get-rich-quick schemes

Just about everybody in the Internet marketing world has a get-rich-quick scheme these days. Start looking around and you’ll find dozens of so-called “gurus” who are willing to share their techniques with you for some cash. The problem with these guys is that they often don’t even practice the techniques they offer.

They just make money selling books and the techniques they offer really don’t have real-world applications. They can offer you platitudes about what to do to create a successful Internet business but not a real money-making technique.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, most aspiring Internet Marketers think immediately of Google Ad words. The problem is, you may be thinking of Ad words, but so is everyone else. Google has wisely caught on to this and have appropriately raised their rates, making them untenable for many. Couple that with the new regulations coming down the pipe from Google and you have some serious problems.

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