Facebooks impressive views

In some of the newest numbers to come from Hitwise, it seems that Facebook has the current mantle of most page views on the web. According to the hitwise numbers:

“The market share of page views for Facebook.com was 24.27% last week, 3.8x the volume of the 2nd ranked website YouTube.com with 6.93%.”

It sounds like some incredible traffic until you take into account that the big guy on campus, Google, owns the number two entrant Youtube. When it comes to traffic, page views or visits it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. When it’s truly thought about, it should be no surprise that the largest social media site on the web would generate so many page views.

Page views, click throughs, page loads, unique visitors, they’re all very different metrics which terms are used when speaking with clients about SEO and SEM. When you really boil it down, toss in all of the information, your most important metric is your conversion rate. When your SEO or SEM is implemented and properly maintained, your conversion rate is what matters. It’s your sales, your leads, your newly signed clients. And as someone said it best about the Hitwise numbers:

“You have to separate “pageviews” from “visits”. Every time someone clicks “refresh” in their browser, it’s a pageview. I know a lot of people who leave a tab permanently open to facebook, and pop over to it every 10 or 15 minutes and click refresh to see if there’s any updates.

It’s the crack cocaine of the internet.”

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