Google – Too Big To Be Good?

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The motto that Google has followed since it’s inception, widely regarded as having fallen to the wayside, “Don’t Be Evil”; but is it even possible for the giant to be viewed as being a good guy?

After taking all of the numbers into account, Google is worth 12 times than when it began and has undisputed reign over the search, and search advertising world. But the increasing growth and use of social and mobile advertising as well as mobile operating systems, has made the giant stumble to keep up. Patent fights over Android, an ongoing feud with Facebook to enter the social space, now in their (at least) third iteration with Google+, it’s not just those in the industry who have begun to look at the antics and actions of Google.

Some have always believed that the company has been a little on the shady side, gathering your personal information in order to improve it’s search algorithm. And there is the other side of the fence that reads the blogs and papers about the search company strongly opposed to internet censorship and the company that works hard to stay out of the fight to manually change the search results to suit governments. But with the added push placed behind Google+, the move towards a single privacy policy and an ever improving mobile operating system, Google is absolutely more aggressive than they used to be.

Ostensibly the loudest calls that Google is an evil online presence come from the governments of the world. Usually aiming their sites on the search engine to make it bend to their each individual will, and allow them the power to basically shut off search if they don’t like the results. Google, as well as Bing, Yahoo and other large internet machines have all had the same answer in that regards, they want no part of internet censorship, or in allowing governments to have control over what is allowed to be online. What’s your take on the search giant? Are they evil? Are they still just a room of people who sought to find order on the internet?