Internet Marketing works for you!

There’s a great deal of misconception out there in regards to internet marketing it seems. It’s touted as the holy grail of advertising one day, and the bearer of ill will as your website and host get bombarded with visitors to your site, both customer and exploiter combined. But the advantages of using internet marketing techniques, are very plain to see.

The internet as your marketplace is priceless in that it’s worldwide. You don’t face the restrictions of a brick and mortar shop and being tied to a sole location. Customers can be attended to from Boston to Bangalore and you can do it 24/7. Millions of people search for products and services on the web every day, so you have unlimited potential for growing your customer base.

It is much more cost effective for small businesses when you compare it with traditional advertising techniques that employ such things as a sales staff, t.v or radio advertisements or printed page. Placing your products and service information on a website is convenient for your customers and saves you time and money. Another advantage of internet marketing is the ability to see which advertisements are working the best so in the end you will come out ahead despite your initial investment.

A key difference between internet marketing and say newspaper advertisements, for example, you are able to reach your target audience effectively. Interested consumers can find your website by searching for the specific product or service that you offer. You can also place your adverts on niche websites which will be visited by your target consumers. By using email marketing to promote new products or services, either by buying email addresses of potential customers or by following up on visitors to your own website, you are able to target thousands of people at once, whether they live across the street or across the world.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that the success of internet marketing campaigns are easily measurable. It is impossible to determine how many customers respond to advertisements placed in newspapers or screened on television. However, by using web analytic software, internet advertisers can establish not only the number of people who see their adverts, the number of repeat visitors and how many visits their website receives as a result of the click through rate (CTR) from any specific advertisement, but also the amount spent by individual customers and, if required, the demographic profile of the customers. As a result, advertisers can evaluate the effectiveness of the different marketing strategies they are using and modify them accordingly.

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