Invasive data collection, Yes or No?

Most people have now heard or are now using windows 10, under its default privacy settings, Windows 10 can track the way user’s type, what applications they use, their browsing history and other personal information. Users have to actively turn off these features to stop the tracking.

But is this bad or good? it may have some good features, depends on your opinion, if you have young children browsing the net, now parents can see and get reports on what they have been checking out, could be very good in some cases, especially nowadays

Windows 10 can send a weekly “activity update” on children’s’ web browsing and computer history to their parents. Some parents have publicly described receiving those emails from Microsoft as “creepy,” while others warn it could serve to humiliate teens at a vulnerable period in their lives, personally I also think it could save lives, rapes and a host of other things as the kids seem to be getting younger and younger online especially on social like Facebook etc. posting pics with pouting lips, half-dressed trying to attracted attention from the great looking kid on the photo, who may I add could be some 40 year old pervert, so…

When is enough, enough?