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With all there is to do on the web, how do you internet? According a recent survey, despite all of the distractions and extra activities you can become tied up with, things really haven’t changed all that much. Pew Research and the American Life Project measured adults online activities for the monts of April and May 2011, and what they learned was conducting online searches and checking email were still the top activities performed.

When it came to using search engines to find information online, 92% of adults use a search engine and 59% admitted to conducting searches everyday. Not such a big surprise if you think of the multi-billion dollar a year search industry. Also 92% of adults use the internet to check their email, 61% of which do so everyday. Again, shouldn’t really be a surprise that you need to use the internet to check your email, but that both activities still rank as the top usage was.

“Perhaps the most significant change over that time is that both activities have become more habitual,” it notes. “Today, roughly six in ten online adults engage in each of these activities on a typical day; in 2002, 49 percent of online adults used email each day, while just 29 percent used a search engine daily.”

With the advent of social networking booming in recent years, it’s worth noting their usage was up to 65% of online time, just below online shopping and checking news services online. The survey was conducted with just over 2200 adults (18+) and the popularity of using “dated” technology, aka search, was as popular with the younger users as well as the older. The differences started to show however where 66% younger users used search engines for work, only 37% of older (65+) users did.