New digital marketing strategies

Digital mediaAs more and more Canadians rely on the Internet to make buying decisions, local businesses will need a stronger online presence in order to remain competitive in their markets.

This is the reality of doing business in the digital age, If a business can’t be found online or have an online presence they lose that competitive edge.

Good websites” with great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are rewarded with higher search engine results. When a consumer is looking for a specific product or service, you want your business to be one of the top 10 or better still the top five in results.

“If your business website is not mobile friendly, for example, when people have to pinch and squeeze to see anything on their phones, search engines like Google punish them by not showing them high in results. And then if the poorly ranked business does manage to get a click, the consumer will likely abandon them because the experience is not user friendly.”

Here at Fresh we provide clients with innovative marketing strategies that will help them reach their target audience,From creating websites to  planning and implementing Facebook, Google AdWords and targeted digital display campaigns across the web.

Our goal is to partner with local business and help them identify their needs, plan and then implement marketing strategies with them,we want to create successful strategies based on our customers explicit needs to help them build strong businesses.

Looking to take the next step? then contact us today, we are here to help.