Private Google Use

In the midst of the StreetView debacle in which Google accidentally nabbed unencrypted wi-fi data, they’ve been under a bit of scrutiny. A feature which was discussed while the controversy was picking up steam, was the news that Google had plans to encrypt searches within their engine. A new extension for Chrome has recently debuted, as well as an SSL encrypted Google session.

In essence, what the extension allows a Chrome user to do, is set their default search to become SSL encrypted. Allowing all of the searches done within this session to become encrypted so that sneaky StreetView cars can’t nab your searches and search results. Navigating to the Google SSL search page, allows the same thing for all other browser users out there.

If you’re a privacy concerned individual, who feels that your searches are that important or private that they need to be hidden from would be snoopers, then these would be the two easy access tools for you. There’s no worry about your searches being altered or lessened in any way however, Google functions precisely as you’d expect. Quick, efficient, and now fully encrypted for all of your privacy needs.

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