SEO on the Move

The internet is everywhere, we’ve talked about this before. Your home computer, work computer, your iTouch, your iPhone, your cell phone, the list is evergrowing lately. Google recently, has made search engine optimization just that much more important, by introducing a feature they dub “Personalized Suggest”.

What is this new feature which can quite possibly affect your companies online ROI? Here’s a for instance for you:

You’re at home, you’re researching pvc windows for your home. You search through the top listings in Google, decide the company you’re wanting to work with, and set off on your way. While on route, you’ve forgotten the address, or the phone number, or even the name of the business. Fire up your iPhone, you login to your Google account, hit the search box and boom, pvc windows is already there for you as a selectable search. No typing, no fumbling with touch screen keyboards, just select your old search and you can return to your selection.

By allowing Google account users to save their searches, for later fast access from their handheld devices, Google is making SEO an even more important point to help increase your companies online ROI and overall presence. Because if you can’t be seen, you can’t be found. And if you can’t be found, what good is it that you sell the answer to all lifes problems?

Getting in touch with the professionals here at Fresh, we will have you sorted out in short order, and on your way to where you want to be in the index.

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