SEO or SEM – Your (budget) Size Matters

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There’s many different facets to online marketing and each have varying degrees of difficulty associated with them. Organic search optimization, paid search marketing, even the old style banner marketing and popups are used around the web.

While it is the best marketing avenue to use, organic search optimization is a work of time and skill. It takes a veteran to pinpoint the issues in an SEO campaign which is floundering and to execute the solution. And it takes the business the confidence in their product and their website, as well as the knowledge that time is a crucial factor. It may very well take weeks for your site to begin dominating the listings you desire to drive your traffic. Bottom line verdict however, organic SEO is the highest return on investment marketing campaign you can utilize online.

If you have a small company, or limited time or budget, you may decide to head the route of AdWords, aka paid search marketing. These are the “Sponsored Links” which appear in your search engine results, much like the commercials of search. Usually boasting about the best deals anywhere and making promises of same day delivery or speediest response. The idea behind it is to be quick, compelling and appeal to your markets impulse shoppers. It can often be a lot to manage a paid search campaign as the cost per click of your ad can vary significantly day by day just by the bids placed on your chosen keyword text. AdWords is great however, for bringing near instant visibility to your website or a new campaign you maybe launching.

There are times when organic SEO companies will handle AdWords campaigns for clients as well, but because of how quickly the cost can shift for the ads, the responsibility falls to the client to manage their own campaign. It can be a great deal of time, and effort just to maintain and continually tweak your ads just to stay on top of your competitors. For those who are looking down that road, you’re not without help.

A new company dubbed AdGrok has stepped forth to assist the newbie and veteran AdWords user alike.

“AdWords is a huge, lucrative system, but it can be hard to tell exactly how an ad campaign is performing — especially if you’re a small business that doesn’t understand search engine marketing.” said AdGrok co-founder Antonio Garcia-Martinez.

Their goal, to be like the TurboTax of paid search advertising. With tools created like their “GrokBar” allowing you to view any of your websites pages with AdWords campaigns on them, you can make the decision as to tweak, or kill the ad based on it’s performance. It’s a very promising, quick and easy to use tool to manage your AdWords campaigns. If you’re looking to be in charge of your very own advertising campaign by all means look them up. But when you’re ready to play the game for real and knock the big boys off of their pedestal, come talk to the search engine optimization experts at Fresh Traffic.