So About Facebook?

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So Facebook closed with a loss of 9.68 percent at $28.82, dropping below $30 for the first time and ending down more than 24 percent from its offering price of $38 on May 18.

To be honest I think it’s all a sham, some traders getting rich while others will end in the poor house.

Facebook does not have any real money making schemes like say Google, it’s advertising module is a joke and does not work and when it does it’s poor to say the least, that wont stop the advertisers throwing banners all over the place like in the late 90’s early 2000’s to try take advantage of the numbers facebook has.

However, it does have a huge database and following, it’s only saving grace as far as I’m concerned which of course is worth plenty, they just have to work out how to monetize it properly.

Well personally I see them buying RIM, you heard it here first folks, Yes Blackberry & Facebook could save each other.

Both need a helping hand at the moment, Facebook is thinking of getting into mobile and RIM needs a lot of help too, to marry could be the answer.

Looking into my crystal ball I dont see facebook being around for many a years, in fact I  would be surprised to see it in say 10 years in it’s present form, the numbers and addresses they have in that database is all the wolves in the marketplace really need.

The stubling block will be Zuckerberg’s ego, we all have one, but something new always comes along, that may by Opera or RIM, but they need to do something new and different or at least work out the kinks in their advertising, or all that will be left will be the farm girls and boys playing games and the singles still using it as the dating site.