Take a stroll Winnipeg

It’s in the newspaper, on the radio, on tv, Googles streetview for Winnipeg is available for everyone to now take a look. Winnipeg, despite it’s size, is a rather diverse city and it stands out even more it seems, as the camera cars took their snaps from, what seems like, a typical Winnipeg spring.

18 inches of show, to green leafy trees in a (comparitively) short time span of 3-4 months. Some highlights to have a look at would have to include:

Garry Street at Broadway
A walk down Corydon Ave
The Winnipeg Museum
And no trip is complete without a visit to Portage and Main

There has been a mix of acceptance and rejection with the streetview, as all sorts of ideas, and misconceptions come to light. All in all, it’s an innocent, and honestly handy (you can get a very general idea of a neighborhood for example) addition to Google maps.

If you look, really close, you can almost see our office..

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