The Downside of Being the Best

Search engine optimization is pretty much the big deal in terms of online marketing. It’s a powerful tool, that when leveraged and implemented properly, can almost cement a position for you within the SERPs on Google and Bing.

Writing quality content, building an intricately connected website, working daily to acquire as many backlinks as humanly possible are incredibly powerful means to formalize your place. But like any other business practice, there’s a right way to do things, and a wrong way to do things. What happens, when you have beatufilly written, unique content, and someone unscrupulous comes along and decides to take it for themselves? You find yourself in a situation much like Fresh did earlier today.

We had someone contact us who wanted information on affiliate marketing and how she could make money, online, without a website, with our help. A tad puzzled, we inquired further, and learned that she’d gotten our name from a different website, which had no contact information. Seeing as ours was the only name actually on the site, she Googled our number, and gave us a call. After explaining that we weren’t able to help her in her search for easy money for no work online, we delved into the website url she’d given us and noticed some very poorly lifted content from our website.

Not only, had they directly copied and pasted our content onto their site, they hadn’t even bothered to change any of the links contained within. So, all of the links were there, broken, but contained within the body of which they’d copied. So plagarized text, broken links, as well as links back to our site and some of our pages. The real kicker about it though, is not only does it not work for them in terms of having unique content of any kind, but it also demeans our repuatation online. Just because we didn’t build the site, because it’s found on such a disreputable site, we’re lumped into the same bin as they are.

Some of the more technical aspects, in essence both sites could get flagged for duplicate content when it’s picked up. Generally, the spiders will note it, find that one site is older (in this case ours) and disregard the other. But until it’s determined which site is the owner of the content in question, both sites get marked as having duplicate content, hurting both.

The web is a huge repository of.. everything, but that doesn’t give free license for people to search for the highest ranking sites for particular terms, and help themselves to the (probable) years of successful SEO results. If you find yourself in the position of wanting to rip off someone elses site, be prepared for the consequences.

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