Yellow Pages Canada to Resell Google AdWords

I keep hearing the story of the Yellow Pages Canada having a partnership with Google, this is even coming from the YP themselves.

This could be very misleading to customers and not all together telling the whole truth from the Yellow Pages point of view.

In fact what they have is a strategic agreement with Google to resell AdWords (Google’s Paid Ads)to customers.

Call it desperation if you want from the Yellow Pages, they know people are now using the once should have book more as a door stop nowadays, their advertising revunues have dropped off dramaictly and people are finding better ways to spend the advertising dollar, usually the internet.

RESELLER says it all, customers who don’t know any better will get taken to the cleaners with this one, YOU can open a Google Adwords Account yourself for FREE and cut out the middle man (YP) by going direct to the source.

You can set your budget spend to what you can afford without paying a reseller fee.

What Yellow Pages does have is 425,000+ advertisers in Canada, now if they can manage to convert some of those to $500 per month to run ads with them on Google, then they may well survive.

1.They are not a true partner with Google, they have an strategic agreement, it’s a huge difference. Have you seen any Google Press Release on this PARTNERSHIP? NO.

2. Anyone can setup their own google AdWords account for FREE.

3. Yellow Pages Canada are supplying setup and consulting on Google AdWords campaigns, so do millions of other companies worldwide including ourselves.

4. They are not the only trained Google Adwords Company, in fact some staff have only been getting trained on the basics in the last 12 months, other company’s have had years of training.

5.You can also setup your company details on Google Maps, these results usually show up at the top of all searches on Google, it’s also FREE.

In ending, this is nothing new, they are not offering anything that you cannot find another company to do for you or that you cannot do yourself.

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