Yellow Pages & Free Press – Why They Don’t Work for SEO – Final Chapter

Habits are hard to break.

Some more than others.

I suppose its the change itself that is the really difficult part.  Then in walks your Yellow Pages or Free Press rep.  Ahhh.  A familiar face in the new world of Interwebs, Likes and mobile devices.  Your cheque for marketing services practically writes itself as you’ve been paying 1 or both of these entities since your Pappy’s Pappy’s Pappy started this business moons ago.

At one point these products made sense.  How else could a consumer quickly locate a list of plumbers or car dealers to consider doing business with?  These were a person’s only options:

“I want a car.  Let’s see what mad deals are being advertised in the Free Press.  Even better – I’ll go to their “Auto” section, which I know will provide me all I need to know about the world of cars in Winnipeg.”


“Uh oh…my toilet is overflowing.  Better grab the Yellow Pages and look up a plumber!”

Yep, that’s how it was done.  Old faithfuls.
But when was the last time you did this?  Bet its been a while – unless?…
you fell you into a well and lost phone reception and thankfully landed on a stack of old Yellow Page directories and Free Press issues that cushioned your fall and allowed you to make a fire to keep you warm and send smoke signals till you were rescued.
Other than that common experience, I’m guessing you no longer reach for these past resources when you are in need of a product or service. Do you think your customers do?

So – why are you still so quick to pay them to handle your marketing?

The answer – better the devil you know.  And that’s exactly what they’re banking on.  Why else have they changed their tune to suddenly be “internet marketers”?  Because they know you’re used to writing them a cheque.

I know there is a part of you – deep in the pit of your stomach that can’t help but ask “do they really know what they’re doing?  How can they make me a leader online if they are open to working with my competitors?

 “Free that inner voice!  Let them soar to the surface.  That is Dr. Reason trying to smack you into reality.  Yellow Pages and Free Press are simply preying on Winnipegger’s reluctance to change.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

“How about I give you a full page ad for the price of a 1/4 page ad if you try out our internet marketing services for the year?”

To which you reply:

“Oooo…wow!  I used to pay a whack of cash for that size ad.  Now I’m getting that and internet marketing.  I should go buy a lottery ticket.”

You should because you’ll lose that money too.  At least these two transactions will have something in common.

Quit falling victim to your fear of the internet by using old media as your bridge

This is exactly what they are preying on.  All they want is your money – that’s why you haven’t seen the same sales rep 2 years in a row.  Because they churn em and burn em – there’s no relationship with your business- they don’t care if you succeed – they don’t care if they already are working with 2 other direct competitors of yours – they only care about your money.

Its time to break your buying habit.
Meet new faces.
Kick fears ass.
Trust me – you’ll be just fine

Written by DG Hercules