Yellow Pages & Free Press – Why They Don’t Work for SEO – Part 2

In Part 1 we looked at the problem of exclusivity in relation to the SEO services provided by Yellow Pages and the Free Press.  The problem being they can’t offer it.  Both organizations have business models reliant on pulling dollars from as many companies in an industry as possible.  

Hmmmm…so how do they make any one company a leader?  

The short answer is they can’t.  The long answer is they can by selling “preferred listings” on their own competing sites…. but ….just for a very short period of time as they’ll need to rotate all your competitors in top positions – as well as you – since they too pay for this luxury marketing service.  What a glorious opportunity to squeeze a few more dollars out of their customers, masking their advertising model’s deficiency as an advantage…at least momentarily anyway.  

These guys should really be in Cirque de Soleil with such mad juggling skills.

Yes – both Yellow Pages and the Free Press have websites that compete against you as a business.  In the case of the Yellow Pages, its across every industry; with the Free Press its only the most active marketing industry in Winnipeg – Auto sales.  

Free Press Auto Section:
Its not enough that almost every daily issue relies on the pockets of dealers to fill the advertising positions in the paper, but on top of this monetary dependency, the Free Press also built a whole website section for selling cars AND actively invest to make sure it lists in top positions on the search engines for anyone looking in Winnipeg.
Their entire site is a directory listing you and your competitors AND they actively invest to ensure that their lists in top positions on the search engines.  They use this as a way to sell you their “SEO” services.  “Look at how good we list.  You should pay for preferred listings on our site, so you get seen ahead of your competitors.” Would make sense if they didn’t have 50 reps running around selling the same promise to anyone with a cheque book. 


Then why would Free Press and Yellow Pages call on my business to sell me SEO services?  
I’ll let you answer this one for yourself.
Next up – Part 3:  Breaking the Habit