8 point SEO Check-up List

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To finish up the thread previously in being prepared for the upcoming Panda update and a workable strategy going forward for your search dominance in your market.

Double check keywords targeted – Be sure to dig deep into your keyword strategy, it’s important to know where you’re at and if your current strategy is working.

Analytics – Determine where your traffic is coming from, which keywords are a hit and dissect your most visited pages to learn what’s working. Try and dig as deeply into your search past as possible.

PPC Plan – Are you using Pay Per Click? How are your ads showing in the SERPs? Is your bid high enough?

Re-hash your robots.txt – Give your robots.txt file a once over and see if any rules are inadvertently blocking parts of your website.

Check your currently indexed pages – If you’re constantly updating your website content and tweaking titles and tags it would be a good idea to check what current version the search engines have indexed.

Link Building – Dig deep into your backlinks to your website and ensure that there’s no monkey business happening with your site, you wouldn’t want to find out how painful a lesson J.C. Penney learned.

Perform a crawl – There is a wide variety of spider emulators which can help you gain more of an understanding of just what the bots see when they visit your website. Get used to using one and you can patch SEO holes as soon as they crop up.

Social Media Strategy – Is being social an important part of your business? If you’ve started with a blog, maybe a Facebook page and a Twitter, what kinds of followers are sharing your Tweets and Facebook posts. Is your information being shared adequately for the time you put in?

There are a great many more points which are just as important as the above, and only by being observant and diligent will you be able to fully leverage your search standing to capitalize for your business. The search experience is always changing and evolving, it’s a good idea to perform these checks randomly just to ensure you haven’t been shuffled off of your search pace.