A Year of Change

There is due a shake up in the Google management tree, it’s been spoken of at great length since it was announced last week. This past Friday as well, a couple of what I’d consider large announcements also came from the search giant.

Their own implementation of a Groupon discount shopping site, and the admission via Matt Cutts that yes, they know there’s an issue with spam in the index.

When news of the discount shopping branch was put out on Mashable, a lot of the ruckus I found pertained to the failed bid to buy Groupon. And while it’s been said it’s just a copy cat of the successful sale site, it’s more a copy of the very successful Groupon formula. There’s a dozen other sites out there which have done the same, and Google being Google, they’ve put their own twist on it. Groupon for example pays out 50% of the amount to the business providing the deal advertised. Google, will pay out 80% of the amount immediately, and hold the remaing 20% of the income for 60 days, to assist dealing with returns and what not, and pay the remaining amount out to the advertiser. Google it seems, will survive on interest alone. There’s no initial cost to setup an ad, and just being able to accomodate your offer is often costly enough.

The other big news to come out last week was the blog post from Matt Cutts admitting that yes, spam is starting to populate the search results again. It’s been long speculated, and now that it’s confirmed, we can all wait for the out come. Spam can be characterized as link farms, content farms, content scrapers and aggregating news and information websites. While the latter aren’t technically spam, they’re still not the original creators of the content they may be hosting. With the arrival of Caffiene as the driving force behind the SERPs, Google’s results pages have been devoid of the quality results that many had come to expect. The spam of the internet didn’t go away, it’s worth mentioning, Google merely provided a filter for it. Expect a strong algorithmic change and for your sites to shift in the coming months.

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