Black or White?

When dealing with website promotion, there are lots of different SEO techniques. There are two nicehs however, where these techniques can fit into. One is the squeaky-clean, good guy, White Hat approach, and the other is the diabolical bad guy Black Hat approach. Think of it just like in old western movies when the good guys wore white and, well, the bad guys wore black. In westerns there is one thing you can be certain of – good always prevails over bad, just like White Hat SEO will always prevail over Black Hat SEO.

There are several Black Hat SEO techniques to look out for, and if your current SEO comapny mentions any of them, look else where. These will get you penalized or even banned in Google, creating the complete opposite outcome from which you had anticipated. Take note if your SEO company mentions any of the following:

1. Keyword Stuffing – When keywords in content are glaringly obvious to the visitor, you can guarantee you have a keyword stuffing problem. Website copy should never appear spammy, meaning it should never have the same phrase appear again and again to the point where the content reads awkwardly.

2. Using Hidden Text – This refers to text that is viewable by search engines but not actual visitors. Examples of hidden text include text color matching the background and text that is too small for human eyes to read.

3. Cloaked/hidden pages – When a website presents one version of a page to the search engines and a completely different one to visitors, it is referred to as cloaking. A cloaked page shown to the engines will contain numerous keywords that the site wants to be ranked for.

4. Duplicate Content – It is never okay to have the same content repeated throughout your site or appear on any other websites. Even if you wrote the content and another site stole your work, it is best to change what you have on your site to guarantee your website and its content is deemed trustworthy by the engines. You lose credibility with the search engines.

5. Link Farms – When a group of websites interlink for the sheer purpose of gaining link popularity in the search engines, the practice is referred to as a link farm. This approach to link building is actually a poor choice. Instead you should seek out unique sites with relevancy.

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