Let Your Web Design Agency Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts in Winnipeg

It’s easy to believe that content marketing and web design operate on different planes. After all, the former deals with what your website says, whereas the latter deals with what your website looks like.

The catch, however, is that the colours, typeface and images have a huge impact on how your audience receives your content. No matter how valuable or novel your insights are, no matter how compelling your article is, if the pop-ups, unnecessary scrolling and unreasonable font size annoy the readers, they won’t hesitate to bounce from your page and turn to a competitor’s blog.

As such, the responsibility of your web agency doesn’t end at crafting the prettiest website in Winnipeg, Canada. Their work supports your content marketing efforts, helping your readers find, enjoy and share your content.

This is the philosophy our agency lives by: the web design goes beyond aesthetics and navigability. It should make the web content easy to find and easy to read. So when designing sites, Fresh Traffic Group focuses on three key elements: accessibility, appearance and visuals.

Accessibility: Can Your Readers Find Your Content?

Suppose your readers stumbled upon one of your blog articles — say, a unique cookie recipe — and are now interested in other ideas for baked goods. They scan the web page, but they can’t see a button on the menu bar that says “recipes” or “blog”. There’s no CTA button that says “see more recipes” either. They could manipulate the URL (remove the last part of its directory path), but that’s too much work.

So the readers leave your page.

Not only did you lose chance for dwell time that could boost SEO, you also lost the opportunity to encourage the readers to explore more content and learn about other products.

To support your content marketing, our web designers:

  • Use Drop-Down Menus – We place drop-down menus whenever possible, especially if resources fall into several categories (for instance, recipes for cookies, cakes and brownies). The prime position for drop-down menus is the menu bar because it’s the first thing users refer to when navigating your site.
  • Divide Categories Evenly – As much as possible, we keep the number of subcategories within each subcategory consistent. A convolutedly branched directory tires users, while a clean categorization makes the content hierarchy easier to digest and navigate.
  • Incorporate a Search Feature – In some of our web design projects, we place a search feature that produces relevant results and understands misspellings. This is handy for websites with a sizable content bank and is extremely convenient for restless readers.

Appearance: Do Readers Like What They See?

First impressions matter because 1) readers are quick to form a judgment about your professionalism; 2) they can easily leave your page for another blog. Clean, uncluttered layout gives your audience the confidence that they can trust your content.

As such, no aesthetic detail is too small for our web designers. Everything caters to your specific audience in Winnipeg, Canada, from the typeface to the color palette to the way the text and graphics are laid out.

  • Harmonious Colour Schemes – Garish colour choices don’t instill confidence, especially if the page is text-heavy. While bold hues catch the reader’s attention, the text has to be in muted shades to keep eyes relaxed as they scroll through the article. Our designers may modify your company colours to make them more appealing for digital readers.
  • Readable Fonts – Designers choose visually balanced fonts that blend seamlessly with the entire website and align with your brand identity. More importantly, we stick to a very small number of fonts. We usually use a primary font for the headings, a secondary font for the paragraphs and an accent font for snappy CTAs.
  • White Space – Negative space is an important part of the blog’s layout. It removes clutter and directs attention to your content. It separates the features of your page and provides a stark contrast to the star of the page: your text.

Visuals: Is Your Content Easy to Understand?

Your blog is now easy to find and easy to read.

The final thing that web design does for your content marketing is to make articles easier to understand by incorporating visuals, like images, videos and infographics. An all-text article can get tiresome, especially if you’re exploring a technical topic.

In contrast, content filled with visuals:

  • Presents the readers with a quick digest of statistics
  • Gives their eyes a break from all the black paragraphs
  • Recaptures the visitors’ attention after scrolling through the text

The designers at Fresh Traffic Group, therefore, build blog spaces that support different types of media to give readers a dynamic content.

In sum, your web design is crucial in promoting your content. The way your articles are packaged spells the difference between a lost lead and newly gained brand follower.

To learn more about how web design supports your content marketing efforts, get in touch with Fresh Traffic, the trusted web design company in Winnipeg today.

Take Advantage of Google AdWords the Right Way with Google AdWords Specialists

Picture this: In 2000, small-time search engine Google launched its paid media platform, Google AdWords, with a humble customer base of 350 advertisers.

Fast forward to its 15th birthday in 2015, advertisers ballooned to over 1 million, spanning various industries from across the world. In 2017, it brought in a whopping $52 billion in annual ad revenues.

So how did Google grow its B2B client base in a relatively short amount of time? By promising a cost-effective ad platform — one that actually delivers. Start-ups and Fortune 500 companies use the platform, leveling the playing field for all kinds of advertisers and generating fast, robust revenues.

The catch is that not every business makes the most of what PPC offers. In this endeavour, a Google AdWords specialist will help maximize your budget and compel more people to convert.

Is Google AdWords for You?

Despite its glittering promise of a positive ROI, AdWords has its weaknesses, and an expert will explore this topic before you invest in an ad campaign.

Here’s how it works: you allocate a monthly budget for a campaign, an ads specialist runs your ads and every time your ad gets clicked, a certain amount — known as the cost-per-click (CPC) — is deducted from your budget until it’s depleted.

When users click on the ad, it directs them to a landing page, which encourages them to call, enquire, download or subscribe.

So AdWords is an appropriate investment if:

  1. Your goal goes beyond brand awareness; you want your audience to do something concrete, something that generates leads or sales.
  2. You can allocate a certain budget for ad campaigns.
  3. You eye instant traffic over slow but sure organic digital presence (if you prefer the latter, consult our SEO experts in Winnipeg).

If you’re unsure about the position of your business on PPC ads, schedule a consultation with our Google AdWords specialists.

Identify Your Goal and Your Audience

Once you’ve decided that a Google AdWords is your best bet for generating conversions, an ads expert will help you define your audience and your goals. These two are the pillars of a successful AdWords campaign.

  • Audience – Research what your target market is looking for, what types of sites they visit, what language their favourite haunts use, what pain points would compel them to convert. Audience insight drives keyword research, ad targeting, ad copies and the landing page.
  • Goal – Set one specific goal for each campaign — a specialist would not advice combining them. If your goal is to expand your email list, have your users download an e-book, or increase sales of a particular product, this should be the singular direction that the keyword research, ad copy and landing page would follow.

Improving Your AdWords Campaign

If there’s one advice Google AdWords specialists would dispense, it’s to pay close attention to the campaigns’ core elements: targeting, copy and landing page.

Targeting. This is where effective keyword research comes in. Fresh Traffic Group explores the most bankable keywords that your target audience uses, so your ad will be displayed only to people who are fully interested in what you offer. We organize the keywords into logical keyword groups to avoid keyword cannibalization and prevent wasting your budget.

Ad Copy. Even if your ads target the right audience, weak copies won’t be able to tap into their commercial intent. Your ads appear alongside other ads; it’s important to use striking, action-driven copies that compel people to click.

Here are some basic guidelines our specialists swear by:

  • The copy should summarize how you can help your audience solve a problem
  • The keywords should not look out of place or be inserted awkwardly
  • The call to action (CTA) should be clear, concise and aligned with the audience’s intent

Landing Page. If the first two are successful in encouraging users to click on the ad, it’s up to the landing page to convince them to do what you want them to do. In crafting effective landing pages, our Google AdWords experts:

  • Highlight your unique selling proposition
  • Focus heavily on the benefits that your target audience can get
  • Leverage social proof
  • Place a clear CTA

Incorporating Conversion Rate Optimization

Another thing that sets us apart is that our team crafts PPC campaigns with conversion rate optimization (CRO) in mind. This is the process of increasing the conversion rate, the percentage of landing page visitors who take the desired action.

Our team:

  • Never relies on hunches – We use data analytics to build the landing pages — which part of the page do users spend most of the time, what devices and browsers they use, which CTA compels most of the people who convert. We then pay close attention to these areas.
  • Crafts ad copies and landing pages separately – The text and images that work for ads may not work for landing pages. We create them separately, but we see to it that they are aligned with one another.
  • Test Landing Pages – If possible, we conduct tests (like A/B testing) to know which tone, layout and images would encourage more people to convert.

Crafting effective landing pages requires a lot of time and resources; working with a Google AdWords specialist will help you make the most of your investment.

Leave your PPC campaign to Fresh Traffic Team. We’ll take care of everything needed to run your campaign, so you can reap the robust revenues and focus on running your business.

Talk to our specialists today.