Canada’s SEO Marketplace

The SEO marketplace is getting flooded especially here in Canada with so called Internet marketing companies and seo experts.

I find it amazing how many of my competitors in Winnipeg come to my website on a regular basis, daily sometimes, checking out pages, keywords and blogs etc.

We know who they are because in today’s world with the software available it’s quite easy to track them:-)

It’s a good seo practice to check out your opposition, but the facts are only one company can be #1 for certain keywords, and that will be the company that is doing it better than the others.

Winnipeg SEO is a favorite for the local guys, one has have a 5 Step SEO Method they try and entice potential clients with, another likes the look of Canadian search engine optimization guru and is trying to market it.

Learning search engine good practices, reading seo blogs and forums is all very well and will give you a good insight into the marketplace and what needs doing to a website to help it list better, but you cannot read these tips and all of sudden be experts in the business, it takes years.

Trust me all the old boys and girls have had failures along the way, that is the way we learned, in today’s marketplace you don’t have that luxury, one foul move and your busted by the search engines.

I say it all the time, stick to what your good at, if your a web design company, try be the best web designers you can be, because screwing up in SEO is not worth it to your company or clients.

You would not call a plumber to fix your lights would you?

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