Control Your Content

An issue within the SERPs which is becoming more and more common, are content aggregators are increasingly ranking higher than the original publisher of the content. It isn’t a cut and dry answer as to why, but there are some steps which can be taken to ensure credit is given where it’s due.

One of the simplest steps you can take if you discover that your content has been scraped, is to ask the aggregator to remove your content and provide them with the date you originally published the piece. If they’re unwilling to remove the content, the next best step would be to ensure that your company or website is linked to the article properly and the nofollow attribute is not present.

Another step you can take, albeit a more technical one, is to use a script to disable the right click action on your website. It’s a fairly simple, and non intrusive script which does exactly as said, it prevents right clicking on your website, and disabling text selection, and the cut and paste menu which pops up when used.

The more time intensive way to make sure your content is attributed to you, entails getting the search engines involved. You can submit to Google and Bing that you were the original creator of the document, and you provide the original publication date as well. The advantages to using this method are ideally, placement within the SERPs where you want to be, but unfortunately it will take time.

With how important content is to your online reputation and branding efforts, it’s well worth the time to check in on your copy every now and then. Making an effort to search for yourself, using some of your own keywords, will in most cases, be an eye opening experience about your website.

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