Cost vs Value

“Customers that are the happiest, are often the ones who pay the most.”

As strange as that may sound, it is 100% true. There is of course, a point to finding the best deal possible, or searching for that hidden gem within a pile of rubble, but you always get what you pay for. The customers that would hum and haw as to our contracts were always the first ones back complaining about the lack of quality in the product they purchased else where.

They bought something based entirely on cheapest price, not on its value. Value and price are totally separate entities, which is so hard to get through people’s minds. In this disposable world, it’s interesting that businesses still get themselves caught in the trap of wanting to have full service from an industry they know little about (SEO). Sometimes, a deal can be negotiated as nothing is set in stone until a contract is signed. However the singular point that should always be borne in mind:

You get what you pay for.

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