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BLUETOOTH WIFI MARKETING : Are you looking to reach the ideal customer at the optimal time of engagement? Well now you can with the Fresh Traffic Groups Proximity Bluetooth & WiFi technology, It can transmit your marketing message to consumers using Bluetooth/WiFi enabled phones. Our servers can transmit everything from video and audio files to ring tones and mobile coupons.

bluetoothWhy wait for your customers to come to you when you can reach out to them?

We offer you a 100% free way to get more consumers! 

Advertise your Products and Services from your Store, Restaurant, Office or Business and reach passing Consumers. Share your Discounts or Sale information directly to passing mobile phones.

What is Bluetooth Marketing / Advertising?

Bluetooth marketing is a form of Mobile marketing that allows businesses to send adverts to mobile and Cellphones for free. This is  achievable using an our products which is a dedicated Bluetooth sending device that enables the free transfer of content between mobile devices using the Bluetooth signal. The transfer of the adverts is also free for both the sender and receiver of the advert.

Our Bluetooth marketing products give you the flexibility to send eco-friendly paperless adverts to over 1400 different makes and models of mobile phone. It is extremely versatile and be used in static locations such as shop windows, bus shelters and point of sale stands as well as being used in a vehicle or to be worn by roving promotions staff in the high street or at exhibitions and events.

Our Bluetooth marketing products enable you to send all manner of digital content from animated images to videos and redeemable coupons. This type of interactive advertising allows you to engage with your customers using rich media to drive more traffic and footfall to your business or website.

Bluetooth technology is successful because of geofencing. Geofencing, or a “geofence”, is a virtual perimeter on a geographic area using a location-based service, so that when a Bluetooth device enters or exits the area a notification can be generated. Experts predict the term “geofence” will become a buzz word and a major tool in every marketer’s arsenal. That’s because it allows marketers to get personal with their customers anytime and anywhere. And as consumers demand relevant news and information based on their surroundings, Bluetooth is sure to be an essential part of the multichannel marketing strategy. Here at Fresh Traffic we specialize in location-based campaigns that can be conducted at sporting events and shopping centers, when consumers are at the height of engagement. Leveraging our very own Bluetooth servers, our team can customize your
Bluetooth-enabled content as needed.

How does this Technology Work?

The Fresh Proximity Bluetooth server is placed in the area of choice and configured utilizing our Patent-Pending Proximity software. A consumer is then typically engaged by traditional forms of advertising, such as signage, to activate their Bluetooth on their mobile phone. Then the  consumer is asked for permission to receive content from your company. If the consumer willingly says yes the content is sent to his / her mobile
phone. The Proximity server can be configured to transmit various campaigns and each one could be scheduled separately.

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Here are some examples of where Bluetooth Marketing can be used:


Auto Sales




Bus Shelter Posters



Convention Centers




Medical Plazas

Movie Theatres


Public Spaces



Retail Locations

Shopping Malls

Sports Arenas

Subway Stations

Technical Schools



Universities and Colleges

What Content can be Sent?
As new devices are introduced into the market, the list of content types that could be sent increases. Content sent to people’s mobile devices is not lost or instantly thrown away like traditional marketing materials. Below is a list of some of the files the Proximity Zone software can currently handle.

Text files

Image files


Audio Files

Ring tone Files

Video Files

Java Applications


vCalendar / vCard