Google gets creative

Today, Google launched their OneBox music service in the US, allowing searchers to use the site to find song titles, or artists using snippets of lyrics and will also stream sought-after tracks. OneBox is an alliance with music sites Lala and the MySpace-owned iLike.

With the terms “music” and “lyrics” being among the top 10 searches of all time on Google, it really only lends the giant more power in the online universe. An added bonus, is with having music libraries more readily accessible to search and purchase, to pull more consumers into the fold as opposed to the songs just being torrented, downloaded illegally.

When a user searches for a song they like, a pop up box, from Lala or iLuke, will play the entire song. Another popup, a MySpace box allows people to buy MP3s of the track(s) and also highlights music videos and other information, such as upcoming concerts by the artists.

“At Google, we see millions of music-related queries every day, it is clear to us that for our users music holds a very special and particular place.” said the company’s vice president of search Marissa Mayer at the launch in Los Angeles.

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