Google Honeycomb and Mobile Technology

Cell phones, tablets and cameras and moreare on the display block at this years CES. One of the biggest tree shakers thus far, has been Googles Android product, the tablet version dubbed Honeycomb. It debuted in all it’s glory and power on a Motorolla Xoom tablet and by Googles admittance it was developed for tablet computing.

Just a few of the powerful, and sometimes flashy tools and apps built into Honeycomb, chiefly a completely virtual holographic ui to use your device and customize to your liking. With over 100,000 apps available already on the Android marketplace, Honeycomb for tablets is poised to be the goto OS for tablet makers looking to push into the iPad marketplace.

As fun and as much cool factor that having a holographic controlled tablet would be, the resounding theme from CES this year is ‘mobile mobile mobile’. Processors are getting smaller, and more powerful in implemetation, the internet is becoming more and more accessible by more and more devices. Search, listings, useability and ecommerce are shifting inexorably towards the mobile marketplace. Desktop PC’s and use aren’t disappearing overnight of course, and a tablet currently can’t compare in terms of flexibility in use, yet. The necessity for websites which can be navigated and searched for both mobile and traditional is getting nearer by the day.

Now is a very exciting and fast paced time to bring your businesses online efforts to fruition; expanding your online marketing spending, developing customer relationships via a blog, Facebook, Twitter or email and driving customers to your website will all help improve your presence online. For the marketing efforts needed to place you organically within the SERPs for Google and Bing, that’s what the search experts are here for, to put your website, and online brand where it belongs.

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