Google is in it for you

Online visibility has become one of the worlds largest PR hypes in the last decade, mainly due to the world coming online. The attention is more than warranted, as any company who goes from the bottom of the rankings to the top will tell you; customer interaction and productivity can be directly linked to your position on the SERPs.

Google, the giant that it is, made the industry what it is today. And as of Friday, they’ve added into the mix, a new tool really, for the true SEO Experts to take advantage of. Personalized search, whether you’re signed into a Google account, or just using the internet, is here for everyone. Basically this means, that over time, searches will become more, and more relevant to the user.

A huge selling point in the Search Engine Optimization field was the ability to drive quality, qualified traffic to a clients website. There are billions of people online, and hundreds of billions of webpages out there, and as such the needle in a haystack analogy is completely appropriate. Personalized search being available however, for all Googlers, is an added advantage in the long run. Quality content as well as other factors, help your appearance in the results page. Odds are, if you rank highly, you’ll get the traffic you crave and deserve.

But, with the addition of the personalized search for all users, if you rank number 6 for example, and have better content than the previous 5 results and you get the click, the next time that user makes that search, their search results will return you higher on the SERPs, because that user said you were better for them.

What’s changed? Only that the addage “content is king” is much more relevant than it was last week. Quality, relevant, well written content has become even more important than ever before, so allying yourself with the true SEO Experts, is in your best interests.

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