Google vs the EU?

Being the big dog on the playground, it’s inevitable that you’ll step on some toes. It appears that in the most recent sense, Google has stepped on the European Union’s toes.

From AP:

The European Union’s antitrust chief said Wednesday he is looking “very carefully” at allegations that Google Inc. unfairly demotes rivals’ sites in search results.

Using language such as: “importance of search to a competitive online marketplace.” Almunia accepted the argument from Google that with it’s size online, and far reaching strength, it’s difficult to behave at times in a dynamic market as the internet. With a store front active 24/7/365, when a company has worked to place itself at the top of the game, sometimes the little guys can be knocked about unknowingly.

The inquiry was launched however, due to Googles recent aquisition of the travel network ITA, an online booking agency. Two EU based comparison sites complained to the union that they were ranked lower in the SERPs, because the are competitors. And seeing as how higher ranking leads to higher search volumes, the EU may have a case. The algorithms are all programmed, with no human interaction within the SERPs, so in the end, the bottom may fall out of the case.

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