Googling Microsofts Twit(ter)s?

Since the world is going digital, more and more everyday, the relevance of search returns became, and continues to be, paramount to success in the new frontier. There is a wealth of tools and avenues which can be used or ignored, to make an attempt at your end goal; successfully growing your business.

Blogs, Facebook, a properly optimized website, properly utilizing Google maps, Twitter accounts, Adwords, the list is already fairly long and in depth; and there’s no telling what is coming around the bend. As all encompasing as relevance is, frequency is becoming *just* as important, if not more so.

The two most popular venues for frequent updates and communication are blogs, and Twitter.

Blogs, are incredibly easy to create, the name is sometimes the hardest part, and by keeping them updated daily, you can set your feet as an authority in your field. Setting aside even just a couple of hours a day, to toss your hat into the ring daily, can prove your role to potential clients.

And Twitter, another free service, which has taken off like a rocket. Twitter allows for near instantaneous communication with a company, if a client has a problem or question they would like answered; they merely post it to the Twitter account and (ideally) receive their response in short order. It can provide that hands on feel that, even as remote as we all work, is welcomed by the public.

Until recently, Twitter responses needed to be subscribed to, or followed, to be able to get the up to date news. Google and Bing however, have recently began to include Twits within their search results! What does this mean from an SEO stand point? That our clients, will soon be able to play an active, ever increasing role in their own “destiny” so to speak. The completed technology is still in it’s infancy, and will be coming soon, but when it arrives, rest assured that it will work it’s way into the mesh of highly successful SEO campaigns.

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