Growing Mistrust of Google its downfall?

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When Google was taken under the leadership of Larry Page, he quickly and decisively pointed the sights of the Google machine on the social target. And in the last few months there have been a few, hiccups, with Googles changes in policy.

The most recent of the snafus to plague Google would be the problem of getting their hands caught in the cookie jar, Safari’s cookie jar to be more precise. Which has also led to a recently launched class action lawsuit against the search giant, who knows where it will end up. There’s also the ongoing discussion of the move to a single privacy policy which Google will use to govern all of it’s online properties and will enable them to more easily share information between them. Page has chosen aggressive tactics by which he hopes to lead the search giant into the social web and into streamlining Google. Recently however, there’s been a murmur of growing mis-trust against the G-machine. The real question is, is it going to be enough to make Google take notice.

With hundreds of millions of searches being conducted everyday, the majority of those running through Google, it would take a big hit to make them notice the loss. With the new privacy policy changes set to come into play very shortly, the drop in use may come in very short order.