Is Winnipeg Afghanistan with Ice

I had the pleasure this week of talking with an old friend who just happens to be a marketing expert who works in the US & Europe with some of the largest brands on the planet along with superstars of Sport and Television.

They asked how I was doing here in Winnipeg after a couple of years – I could tell they had a great big smile on their face, so I asked “why are you all smiles?

With great laughter they said, “Listen Jerry… you work around the globe doing your Internet Media stuff and you end up in Winnipeg?”

I said “yes it’s great here. Business and marketing ideas are a little behind, but they will get there in the end.” They said, “Stop kidding yourself, Winnipeg is Afghanistan with ice!”

I must admit it did make me smile at first, then angry. You know they are right in lots of ways, we don’t quite have the poverty and the war, but they were referring to the third world thinking, the lack of using technology like the Internet, happy to be unknown, happy to be mediocre.

Simple people with simple ideas and simple lives, people with no fashion sense and hairstyles 10 years old, people happy to have a little summer cabin on the lake which most Europeans and Yanks would not put the dog in let alone live in, Yes Yes Yes, but this is home 🙂

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