Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

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Search engine optimization for the web is pushing along to nearly 20 years old as a technology, so it stands to reason that a lot of the work that you may have had to do years back is no longer applicable to the web standards of today. Some of the previous ‘tactics’ that web techs might use to be noticed by the search engines have even been kicked to the curb as black hat, or completely against the rules.

As time moves forward, so does technology and the means of which to be used and be visible on it. Smart phones have made a massive impact with how people access and interact with the web, so it’s nearly past due that you should check your website. Check it for how friendly it is on multiple mobile platforms. Smart phones, tablets, iPads and more. Mobile web browsing is quickly becoming one of the preferred ways for people to satisfy themselves. Dining, entertainment, shopping, travelling directions, they’re just a smidgen of the reasons that you need to be concerned about.

Don’t get too worried however, just because more and more people are using mobile devices to browse online it doesn’t mean you absolutely need to dump mounds of cash into a new, mobile only website. Your normal site may even do the trick, provided you have a few ideas in place. Primarily, don’t let anyone tell you that you absolutely need a dedicated mobile site. The majority of the tablets and smart phones available have the ability to render a standard website just fine on their view screen. With pinch and drag zooming technology on their touch screens, browsing isn’t terrible provided the site isn’t crammed with flash or a lot of dynamic mouse over content.

Try and keep your website clean, professional and simple to navigate and it will help with your users and with basic SEO. Adding java or ajax navigation or having a completely flash based website makes it very tedious for a mobile user to work around on your website. As well as giving search engines difficulties when trying to determine what your business does.  Think simple, mobile devices don’t have the same processing power as desktops do so keep the active elements to a minimum if you absolutely have to have them. Search engines as well on that same token, don’t see the internet the way people do, they don’t see images and effects, they’re only concerned with the language of the page. Bear that in mind.

We won’t even bother delving into mobile metatext files, CSS devoted to handhelds or trying to optimize a site with shorter keyword points. If you’re worried about how your website handles mobile devices, get one and have a look. If you have problems working with your site then you need to re-evaluate how your site is constructed. And just maybe consider “if it’s this difficult to use and find on a smart phone, where do I stand in the SERPs”. Keep it clean, keep it simple, keep it to the point. If you bear in mind even just those three very simple SEO pointers, you’ll do well on both the mobile and the desktop front.