Jerry & Kim BoothFor anyone lucky enough meet Jerry, your first impressions will not be what you would expect, especially if you have had a telephone conversation with him. With his deep voice, Yorkshire English accent and candid manner you would be wrong in expecting a huge man, small in stature but a giant within our industry.

He is what people in the USA call an Internet marketing Guru & some even the coolest guy on the planet. He laughs with embarrassment when he hears this compliment, but having worked with some of the worlds largest and best known companies, his reputation is growing, and growing fast.

Not a shy man by any means, he prefers to stay in the background and let his results do the talking when it comes to his profession.

Jerry has worked with and for some of the worlds best known stars of film, television, sports, and entertainment. He sold his company to Google Inc in 2004.

He is involved in various aspects of online marketing, from SEO to trade show product launches. He is the director of his own model agency in the US, successfully and professionally representing over one hundred models.(update: sold agency 2007) His marketing services are courted by companies and individuals who strive for perfection in their respective trades, and need a web consultant from which they can expect nothing but.

In 2004 he was asked to look at the online real estate market in Florida, and came up with a marketing concept for a few realtor friends. Within weeks of its launch Wall Street came knocking, wanting to take the concept nationwide while offering an eight figure investment plan. Of course, wanting major shares, Jerry refused. In typical Yorkshire man style, he explained that it was built for the realtors in Florida who had first asked him they were happy too, grossing commission sales of $16.3 million in the first 6 weeks of operation.

It is widely rumoured on the web, but he will not comment on it, that he had involvement in helping the Barack Obama presidential campaign in the push for the White House, all he would say is, that his company is honoured, happy and privilege when clients do well and that the victory and the history made on that day should be a wake-up call to the power of the Internet to all.

From his entertainment and gaming background to management in sales and marketing, he is still a showman at heart, so when the world-wide-web arrived, he was hooked. A chance to show off his talents, he started where a lot of previous webmasters did, in the adult industry. Some call it the hardest industry to play, but his uncanny insight into what makes people tick and what they like to see made him a major player in Europe monetizing websites.
Taking the experience he had accumulated in past ventures, he then began to diversify channelled his talents into other areas and began consulting companies on marketing plans, pay-per-click management, and devising marketing strategies.

He found himself spending a good deal of time in the US, and there his talents and staff were requested by airline companies, major cable networks, and some fairly well-known names, as well Disney and Universal Studios, to name a few.

Back in the UK in early 2007, he brought his unique blend of skill, experience, and passion to form the Fresh Traffic Group, a new global SEO and online marketing company with head offices in Winnipeg, Canada where he currently resides with his wife Kim Lewis.

Jerry Booth an SEO Guru, an aggressive and creative viral marketer who thinks of the Web in terms of how ideas spread is a leading figure in search engine marketing and SEO. An ex-director of Google in the UK and a founder of a privately held internet marketing company specializing in online marketing and lead generation, he also brings nearly thirty years of management, marketing, advertising, start-up and Internet experience to any table.