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Its an absolute must for every small business owner. Gone are the days of customers finding you in the Yellow Pages. Google is the new Yellow pages!

Can potential customers or patients find you on top?

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Local Search is replacing the use of traditional Yellow Pages. in fact, the internet is now the primary source of local business information. 

According to a study conducted, more users utilize online search engines to find local business information than the number of users actually using a print yellow pages directory.

What is Local Internet Marketing? Local Internet Marketing is suited for businesses who need targeted marketing in their local town or region. For example, a Vancouver Hair Salon is only interested in new clients from the local area and would not benefit from being #1 in Google for Hair Salon nationwide.

There are lots of web design companies out there, but many aren’t great at SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) There also are lots of SEO companies out there, that may be good at SEO, but they don’t know how to get you in the Google 7 Pack . We do! It takes a special multi-faceted approach that nets great results!

Top of Google Mountain

Do you have a small business, chiropractic practice or dental practice that serves a local geo market?

Are you near the top in Google where new customers (or patients) can find you?

If not, we can help! We’ve been helping businesses leverage the power of the Internet since 1996.


.:. 97% of consumers use online media to research products and services in their local area

.:. 83% of U.S. households now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally

.:. 83% of local searchers will follow up with a phone call or visit to the listing that stands out best

.:. 90% of searchers won’t look past page one of the results page (According to Google)

There are no true short cuts to online marketing success, but there is considerable value in experience. Let our expertise be your best ally in your quest to reach new customers (or new patients) via the Internet. Over the years as an Internet Marketing consultant, Jerry Booth , the President has helped clients such as Microsoft, Google, Sony, Disney  as well as numerous small businesses with SEO and Internet marketing.

Local Search Optimization is an incredibly cost effective marketing tool which can help bring your business to your clients on a local search level. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a precision tool which needs to be in every local businesses portfolio. Ignoring the advantages that search offers to your company is a step backwards in this online digital world, if you’re not searchable very soon, you won’t be found by those who matter most to you. Your consumers, both global, and more importantly, local.

It’s not the idea of search optimization that’s difficult to grasp, it’s the intricacies and expertise required to climb the results pages efficiently and ethically that separate the experts from the fakes. Local search expert Fresh Traffic, is here to help guide your business to the top of local search and as far beyond as you may desire.