Local Social Media and Online Branding

There’s an interesting graphic floating around, detailing some interesting facts and figures in relation to business and social media. Not difficult to find, just a quick and simple search will turn it up for you. It’s not the picture itself that’s remarkable, it’s the statistics buried within it.

Statistics like a case study about Twitter usage to leverage business interest for example. There’s the odd news story which can be seen buried a few pages into the paper about how an employee has been reprimanded, or even fired because of an upopular Tweet made about them and their place of business. Some Twitter users who’ve used the service to vent their frustrations have even admitted to receiving rapid responses from major brands when airing their grievances, likely looking to make amends. It used to be when you provide a solid and great service, that person would tell a few friends and if the service was poor they’d tell dozens. Thee ideology is still in place, but the viewerbase has increased to, well the internet. Billions of searches per day on the search engines out there, can you risk not monitoring your brand and image online? The Twitter statistic by the way, detailed that of 53% of users making purchase suggestions for a company, nearly half of their followers follow up on that Tweet.

Another statistic in the graphic was that approximately 75% of small business owners have some sort of social media presence, whether on a social networking site or not, and that adoption of the technology has doubled from the year previous. And that in the past year, 2010, those businesses who’ve focused on local social media and local group sites like Groupon etc, have all boosted their customer base and even their offline sales through their website.

Social media and proper online branding techniques can drive your business exposure by leaps and bounds to your market, both locally and online. To ensure you’re utilizing all of the avenues open to you be sure to contact Winnipegs best online branding experts.

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