New Marketing Challenges Appear

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A lot of challenges immediately show themselves when working with a brand new optimization client. And when it comes right down to the start of things, it’s that first stint of around 3 months that tells us what we need to make you the best in your market.

closelookAlmost the best case scenario that we can hope for as online marketers is to start a campaign with a properly built website that had followed the best practices guide, that hasn’t been touched by any other marketers or agencies. Now the odds of that happening are very slim to none, so we work with what we find. Often it is a bit of a jumble of tactics that can be found across the web, the only real problem is that we have to take the time to dig through the convoluted mess to determine each step that was taken. Text is fairly simple to work with, and as long as it is relevant to your market that’s a positive for your marketing angle.

What gets really sketchy and a problem though is when we find that the old designer/developers decided to follow some advice they read on a blog or forum and convince a client to build off site landing pages and don’t properly link them all back to the main website. This can cause duplicate content issues, accidental removal from the index because it looks like you’ve scraped content for your websites. There can be multiple urls that are diluting your authority, and hopefully there hasn’t been anything done that could truly jeopardize your website or your true marketing potential.

Perhaps it’s the intangible nature of organic search engine optimization that new clients have difficulty in grasping, but the methods employed by the team here at Freshtraffic are done with the top of the search results in mind.