November Search Share

To anyone who uses the web on even a casual basis for any kind of usage, the search engine numbers released by Experian Hitwise should be no surprise. As of Nov 27, Google was (is) the top of the mountain of search with over 70% of search traffic, with Bing powered search, including searchers using Yahoo, accounted for only 25% of the total. To break the 25% down however, Yahoo! still leads Bing by 15% to 10% of the user market share.
November Search Share
Contributing some to this factor, may be the length of the average search for the past month. The average search was comprised primarily of 2 words, perhaps lending strength to the introduction of Google Instant a month or so back into the algorithm. Longer than 5 words didn’t experience any change in use and a single word is rarely used as a ranking metric.
November Search Length
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