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With online brand management, we have learned over the years that sometimes the best way to say something on the social web is to, “have someone else say it.” One of the most important assets you can develop for your business is a powerful brand. Brands are not just logos or tag lines, they are the culmination of who you are, how you’’re different from your competition, and why a buyer should do business with you.

Whether you’re an established company or small start-up, a brand has tremendous impact. A brand instils confidence, creates loyalty, and many times can command a premium price. But most of all a great brand reduces a buyer’s perception of risk and makes the purchase choice easy.

In today’s world an online or social media brand manager has more than a single audience to worry about. There’s the company website, corporate blog, Twitter account, Facebook Page, YouTube channel, Foursquare presence and so on and so forth. Staying competitive in today’s social media landscape means setting up shop where your fans are.

A brand is the sum of all you do. It’s derived from all touch points with your customers and prospects. Developing a brand requires having a plan that consistently communicates what your company is and does, along with your distinct attributes, image, and personality. Here at Fresh Traffic we provide a complete range of strategic brand consulting and creative design services: Call us today.