Online Privacy – Fairy Tale?

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Google has made its missteps in the past few months, there has been a great deal of discussion on the web about the bigger topics. The main point that typically crops up: privacy and security; especially with the latest Safari/cookie gaffe. The fact there isn’t really true privacy online not withstanding, the web isn’t a sandbox, there are options with which to keep some of your interests your own online.

Scroogle used to be a top destination for users who wished to conduct private searches. Recently it has been the target of DDoS attacks and had been throttled by Google and as such the plug has been pulled. Scroogle basically provided a proxy to conduct your searches, so that your search history would at least remain in your control. The most recent player in the privacy game, is DuckDuckGo who made their debut into the search game by comparing how Google tracks your searches, and DuckDuckGo wouldn’t. There are other search alternatives out there as well, which either encrypt your searches, do not create cookies on your computer, or store your search information on it’s servers. Google even provides its own version of encrypted search services when you visit the https version of their site.

Keeping your interests and activity online private is a difficult affair for a trained user of the web, let alone an everyday average user. Multiple forms of websites, from shopping sites to forums, use cookies to track your usage and navigation through their pages. Search engines, not just Google, save and store your search and browsing history for differing periods of time. There isn’t a entirely private way to use and browse the web, and it is an unfounded expectation to be able to.