Optimization? or Marketing?

In the wide world of the Internet, there’s a million and one tips and tricks to promote your self and your business. Adwords, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and all of the ups and downs associated with them. But for you, and your business, with the alternatives out there which one should you consider?

Well if the budget and time allows, all of them.

But realistically, unless you have a dedicated team devoted to each aspect of your online marketing campaign, self managing it can be tedious and time consuming. So pushing aside (for now) all of the social mediums, Twitter, Facebook, blogging etc, leaves with two avenues to explore. Searh engine optimization (SEO), and Search engine marketing (SEM).

SEO, is the holy grail of the internet business, and done properly, can solidify you and your business as an authority in your niche market. It takes time, effort, and a careful eye to ensure it’s done properly and to maximum effectiveness. SEO is how you can grow from relative obscurity on the internet, to success and remain a star. The organic method to climbing the SERPs, Googlers know and embrace websites in the top 10 as the “go to” sites in their queries.

SEM, is a more instant approach to marketing. Using mostly sponsored ads in the SERPs, proper use and care of an SEM campaign can help increase, or begin, traffic flow into your site. The double edged side of using search engine marketing as opposed to search engine optimization however, is that most Googlers know that the sponsored ads are not organic, they’re paid for.

Which method you decide is best for your site, is up to you, just know that you need to look no further than Fresh Traffic to answer your questions.

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