Organic versus Social?

It’s a rather simple affair to click open your browser, and find a story or broadcast of Google versus Bing. Or, Facebook versus Twitter versus Myspace. It’s online, in print, on your tv, even on the radio occasionally. With the constant barrage of company versus company, it’s not hard to imagine or believe that when it comes to online marketing that uninitiated companies can be a little gun shy about stepping into the ring.

But to help let the dust settle, to try and alleviate some of the concerns out there, put aside the differences, and instead focus on the similarities in the platforms in front of you.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo (dwindling mind you), all adhere to the same basic principle, provide results when a user searches for their interest. They all follow some of the same fundamental basics, and they all provide a list of the results when your search has been completed. And just like different cars that you drive, some are faster, or stronger than the others. But in the end, they all do the same job. The king of the road in the realm of search of course, is Google, with Bing and Yahoo trailing behind.

Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace, all provide a social platform for your business to more directly interact with your customers. They all allow you to post company information, you can update your products and services information quickly and provide a more hands on feel for your customers and clients. Facebook is currently the most widely used of the three, with Twitter being the quickest and easiest to update via your cell phone and a few bits of text. Myspace, not to be outdone, has appearance customization on a higher level than the other two, but it’s features are dated and not as intuitive as it’s two younger rivals. Facebook, at the moment, is the king of the hill in social media.

And as a business owner, your needs are different than your competitors across the street. Your budget may be more, or less, your time may be more constrained and you personally cannot provide the attention to the social media aspect as well as tending to the organic and paid search side of the business.

Beware when an online branding expert tells you that Bing and Facebook are the bees knees, or that Google and Twitter are all that matter, as they’re shutting themselves, and your website, out from a global audience. It’s never the wrong time to begin your online branding and search marketing campaign, but sooner will always be better than later.

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