Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is fine

Since link building is all over the SEO news right now, it’s being touted as the “fix” that will open the doors of the site to vast wealth and bring loads and loads of converting traffic. But like with any form of marketing, all of your eggs shouldn’t be in one basket. If you’re only doing paid ads, you should consider link building to your site. If you think that having perfect titles is enough to rank well, perhaps you should consider social media exposure. The key today is embracing all sorts of different avenues and market yourself in the ways that matter to your audience, all the while using everything you have learned from one format to do better in another. How to make PPC (pay per click) advertising and link building work together? Just a few tips to come.

1. Linkable content on site
This ups the chance of a PPC conversion turning into a quality link. Remember, a PPC user will likely navigate your site, not just stay on the landing page. Your entire site should have great content on it.

2. “Sticky” landing pages
Make sure the landing page for your PPC link is “sticky” enough to generate inbound links from the people who click on an ad. This is no different from the “content is king” idea, but sometimes PPC ads just aren’t written, or maintained, with link building in mind. Any visibility is a chance to get a link, period. Don’t waste it.

3. Make your ads memorable
Create link text that people will remember, even if they don’t click right now. They may be back later, and they may even give you a link. PPC copy is a lot like Twitter tweets in that you need to say a lot in a small amount of space, or no one’s going to care.

4. Build up internal pages
The beauty of sending a PPC user to a landing page and not the home page is that you get the chance to generate links internally. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Depending upon your site, deep linking can be very, very difficult.

5. Deception is a no no
This should go without saying, but due to some clever copy, people may end up on a page they’re not interested in. Not only does this waste money, it wastes time and it irritates users. The only link you’re getting out of deception is going to be one that trashes your name, most likely.

Even if you have diffuclty ranking organically, you can still buy advertising space as a starting point. Successful online marketing is about taking all the available chances to get your name out there. If people know where to find you, they may link to you.

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