Revenue from radio and outdoor advertising both fall.

This was the story from Astral Media, Astral has said previously that it would consider acquiring Canwest speciality TV assets if the price were right.

A similar trend of rising television and falling radio revenue was reported Wednesday by Toronto-based Corus Entertainment Inc which is partners with Astral in a number of channels.

Astral also has an outdoor advertising business, which is down four per cent.

The online media departments for most companies has been the only bright light with most reporting an increase in traffic and profits.

I feel this trend and gap will only get wider until these dinosaurs eventually release the Internet is the way to go.

Then the real fun will start, the days of build a website and people will come have long gone, Canada has no real digital plan going forward and will be playing catch up to it’s southern neighbors for some time to come.

Then they will have to start from scratch like building a bricks and mortar business, get some expertize on search engine optimization and Internet marketing so people actually get to see the websites.

A Winnipeg radio station we spoke to recently gave me this answer to an seo and online marketing program, they felt the Internet was really a waste of time going forward and that they could brand themselves and garner new advertising revenues and listeners from the radio shows by giving out the radio’s website and they wonder why they are failing so badly.

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